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(In collaboration with KCAP Architects and Planners ©)

Qianhai subunit 20 is a reclaimed development land located at the western edge of the City of Shenzhen as a key location in the Pearl River Delta. Amongst the large developments, Qianhai subunit 20 is positioned at the fringe of the whole Qianhai, as the transitional threshold between nature and man-made land. It will provide anticipation of the key connections in wider context and create a distinguished entity with vibrant urban mixed heterogeneity. The site will have a clear boundary and will fit neatly in the existing urban fabric.

Based on this, we divided the site into different clusters with mixed-use programs to ensure a programmatic focus, so every cluster could be given a unique identity. There is a significant open space in the center of the site. This will be the central meeting place where all the surrounding flows of people will meet; the ‘public heart‘.  Two metro lines are intersect in this central area, bringing people from all over Shenzhen to the site. At the same time, Qianhai subunit 20 is smartly connected to the nearby mountain by a cable car, which shortens the distance between city and nature.

Program: 93.9 ha with 1,900,000 m2 gfa



Typology Masterplan
Location Shenzhen, China
Status 2012 – 2013
Client Shenzhen Government, Urban Planning and Land Resources Committee
Design team KCAP Architects and Planners, in cooperation with local design institute ZHUBO DESIGN GROUP CO.,LTD
Collaborators CREAM Architects
Images and rights KCAP Architects and Planners ©








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