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The theatre of Sagunto is a symbol for the city. Of typology America, particularly interested in finding the starting it has defined everything from the beginning, organizing their proportions to perfection pursued Romans expressed by Vitruvius. 22 meters of diameter is measured from which organizes the building, with all other measures proportional thereto. This rule will be considered in the proposed pavilion because together to create a ceramic materiality proportional harmonious dialogue.

Ceramic materials are fresh and have a interesting capability of inertia: in summer when remain fresh in shadow, giving a respite to body, and during the cold months, exposed to the sun, warm the body. The material properties of hot and cold stony are essential to the understanding of the system ceramic tiles and constructive part of his placing and consideration. Also, the opacity of such materials and bring a high degree heaviness atmospheric spaces configured.


Description effectual

Traditionally, ceramic construction has sought new uses for parts standard, optimizing performance and increasing giving each piece making more than one function as creating lattices. The ceramic pieces, given their geometry intended for the work load by gravity, are likely to alter their available modes and are always interesting to find provision of new forms of common materials.



The ceramic pieces and arranged so inconsistent with its original function are used to generate filters. The filters from the ceramic and the openings are of the most important characteristics of the walls ceramics. The first for its ability to tire light to miss a picture projected on the walls avoiding excessive internal radiation and the second for the characteristic of a heavy mass disruption that works by gravity, creating a sense of important weightlessness, increased by the prospect.



The manual production, traditional pieces current ceramics are strongly reminiscent of the culture of the industry and how the texture has accompanied his story. The roughness, moisture, freshness are all part of the texture. It is a serious mistake to speak of a wall of pieces ceramics without regard to its texture, its feel. The rough rustic pieces give the project a historical reminiscence capacity that dialogues constantly with memories of a present personnel. Thus the dialogue between the walls the new theatre will be the same language in an anachronistic dialogue.



Typology Masterplan, urban design
Location Sagunto, Valencia
Client Municipality of Sagunto
Design team CREAM Architects
Collaborators AAIMM




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