Recuperación del río Olona

Recover the river Olona

Lombardy Region
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The decline of several industrial sectors in the last decades and the landscape left had a profound environmental, social, cultural and economic impact on the communities of which they are integral part.

The 20th century industrial landscapes are becoming obsolete, threatening to end their original productive social and economic roles in the communities where they belong. Those areas, currently consuming large tracts of land, underutilized, obsolete or abandoned, and located in areas characterized by low market demand for redevelopment, present a dramatic challenge to current and future generations.

The project is based in a requalification of an abandoned industrial area and the reconnection with the Olona’s river and the villages and cities close by as Castellanza, Marnate and Olgiate Olona, searching an unitary recovery as an opportunity to develop new multi-functional landscapes.

The essence of the design is the restoration and dramatization of the original topography river. Along this newly established topography, the project created diverse biotopes. This natural connection is reinforcing with other new functions near to the river that recover the memory and being the place to be. The new functions are recovering existing buildings and are the Museum of the War, the open market, a new sportive centre, teatro al aperto, bocciofila, winter garden bar, skatepark, urban gardens.



Typology Masterplan, urban design, water
Location Regione Lombardia
Client Municipality of Castellanza, Marnate, Olgiate Olona. Politecnico di Milano
Design team CREAM Architects
Collaborators  F. Zanni, M. Frontini








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