Piscina ecológica y paseo

Eco pool and promenade

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The essence of the project is the revitalization of the sea front in Porto, Portugal.

The exercise compromises the creation of a promenade, a new development of floating residential blocks, amenities and a floating pool. The residential block is placed next to the existing street, running in between, the new promenade creates spaces for recreation, contemplation and sports for the community.

Allowing first for a water buffer next the residential blocks, comes the amenities block, equipped with coffee shops, clubs for fishing, rowing, swimming and the natural floating pool. Lagoons are designed within the complex, which are filled with root filtering plants to create water for irrigation through natural means. Local water plants are used so that the complex operational cost is reduced also protecting the natural balances and ecosystems.



Typology Masterplan, urban design, water
Location Porto
Client Municipality of Porto
Design team CREAM Architects
Collaborators  AAIMM







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