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This is an urban void located outside of Barcelona city.

The objective is to revitalize this place and make it more attractive recovering for the city inhabitants and neighborhood.

This area is a topographic valley full of vegetable gardens a-legals. It is next to one big highway and anyone controls anything, even if it is in the city.

The complexity is that this place is full of diversity. This diversity attract to people do to completely different activities.

The project tries to power this diversity and infect the place.

Every corner of the area has a power that we use for another place (people, functions, vegetation, objects, water, materials…).

The purpose is to create an open space area with some sportive functions. It is interesting to recover the historical aqueduct as a public way to walk and to enjoy the views.



Typology Masterplan, urban design, landscape
Location Barcelona
Client Pla BUITS Ecologia, Urbanisme i Mobilitat – Ajuntament de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica Catalunya
Design team CREAM Architects
Collaborators  A. Lerena









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