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[eng] Unprecedented demand for travel and global commerce has resulted in the proliferation of airports around the world. In their short history, terminal buildings have been criticized for employing generic architectural forms that are unapologetically disconnected from their context and cultural identity. Technical complexity and functional design has often taken precedence over comfort and quality for users.
In less than a century, the airport has emerged as a new architectural typology that is as important as other large-scale public buildings such as museums, libraries, temples and courthouses. Airports are among the most complex and highly frequented transportation hubs, but they are also increasingly important places for work, commerce, recreation and culture. The rapid evolution of airports necessitates the incorporation of the latest developments in technology, design and social trends around the globe.
The exercise is to design the airport of the future, to re-envision the terminal building, taking into consideration current technological trends and applying them to the near future.



Typology Architecture
Location USA
Prizes Finalist
Design team CREAM Architects













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